“It is unthinkable for us, with 3.65 trillion. dollar foreign exchange reserves, the Chinese government and the central bank stand and watch as the second largest economy in the world falls into recession or worse, “says Phil Orlando, chief strategist at Federated Investors.

Leading indices of European stock exchanges managed to compensate losses from the beginning of the week too dynamic. The news of low inflation in August in Germany – only 0.2%, influenced trading in Frankfurt. The main stock index DAX fell by 0.44% for the week but gained 1.2%. The index reflected the shares to Bayer and Daimler, which fell by 1 and 0.8 percent. Weak growth reported for the week and the British FTSE 100 index CAC 40 and frescoes.

Similar to the leading exchanges in Europe, indices on Wall Street ended the week with an increase, although on Friday moved in different directions. The tech index Nasqdaq catch dropped by nearly 9% at the beginning of the week to finish it with a growth of 2.5%. Dow Jones ended last five days with an increase of 1.1%, and on Friday gave a minimum 0.07%. Weekly increase of 0.9% noted and S & P 500.